My Pinterest Christmas

I fell in love with Pinterest during Fall last year. I love crafting and making things myself, so when I joined, I had determined to not turn into a “pin-collector” and actually make some of the things I pin. I decided to share the Christmas pins that became successful decor in my house!

Loaded up my apothecary jars with ornaments.

Made delicious peppermint bark in silicone Christmas tree baking sheets.

I decorated and filled a glass ornament with our wedding invitation cut up into pieces and curled.

As I was starting a project with jingle bells. (I just really like this picture).

Filled the vases above our kitchen cupboards with ornaments and made a garland out of an old string of colored lights and some scrap red and green fabric.

I even made a Death Star ornament for hubby. Came up with this idea all on my own!

Copied this ADORABLE Mickey ornament idea!

Husband helped by hanging snowflakes from the ceiling over our Christmas Eve dinner table.

And last but not least, floating candle centerpieces with greenery from our tree and cranberries floating in the top. Instead of Mason jars like the idea I saw on Pinterest, I used square vases from our wedding.

All the ideas I found made Christmas so crafty and fun! I can’t wait until Pinterest Christmas this year!



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3 responses to “My Pinterest Christmas

  1. Michele Perez


  2. Aunt Debbie

    I love how creative you are!!! Keep posting pictures for me to see your handiwork. Love you.

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